Choosing the Best Canada VPN Service Providers

A virtual private network, or VPN, is basically a connection that enables a computer to receive and send data across shared or public networks, acting as if it were connected directly to the private network. A VPN allows users to access a private network while they are away or traveling, while maintaining the functionality and security of the private network.

VPN technologies are also used by every day web users to connect to proxy servers in order to keep one’s identity private and secure. It’s an excellent and cost-effective way for connecting multiple offices and locations, creating a virtual network of shared information.

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Simply put, users can connect to a private network using a log in. As soon as both computers verify each other’s authentication, you are able to share and transfer information securely and privately.

Why You Need to Get A VPN

There are several types of users (students, employees, traveler, private users, etc.) who can benefit from purchasing a Canada VPN service. VPN service can virtually go anywhere a subscriber takes his or her computer (as long as the Canada VPN service has servers available locally). This is great for anyone needing to access information from a private network but doesn’t want to risk going online through a public connection such as Wi-Fi. There’s genuine concern when it comes to computer identity theft when it comes to logging on in a public location such as a café or an airport. A VPN ensures information is kept private and encrypted, protecting it from snooping or prying eyes.

A VPN also protects one’s internet activity and history. This is especially useful for anyone who is concerned about what he or she downloads or visits while online. It’s a way to be safe before having to defend oneself and explain away what it was they were doing on the internet.

VPNs are also great for anyone wanting to watch movies or their favorite shows as it happens from anywhere in the world. For anyone who wants access to their local news radio station, television channels, or even an internet service or application that for some reason are only available in specific countries, VPNs make them readily available for instant use.

What to Look For When Reviewing Canada VPN Service Providers

Location. You’ll want to consider what you’ll be using your VPN for in order to pick the right VPN service provider. If you’re concerned about state-mandated spying or tracking policies you may want to consider going with a service provider based in another country. Also if you want to have access to television or radio from a foreign country, you’ll want to make sure that service provider has a servers available in said country.

Logging. Understandably, security is a major concern of all types of users. When you connect to a virtual private network, you’re entrusting your personal information to your provider. While VPNs will protect you from prying eyes, there’s no guarantee that someone within the VPN (or say another computer) won’t log your data for tracking or use. You should always be aware of what your provider’s logging policies are before subscribing.

Anti-Spyware Features. You’re not completely immune from malicious or spying software. There’s always new software being developed that is ahead of the curve when it comes to virus or trojans.  Always use HTTPs when possible and be sure to check with the VPN service provider to find out exactly how often their anti-spyware and malware software is updated to fight new programs.

Mobile Access. More and more users are doing work or accessing personal information via their mobile phones. If this sounds like you then make sure your Canada VPN provider offers desktop or cell phone solutions for individual users. In the process, make sure you aren’t forced to use two different VPNs with completely different policies or agreements. You should be able to bundle your service to cover two or more devices.

Price. This comes up last on the list but is often times the single most important reason why you will want to go with one Canada VPN provider over another. There are several free VPN service providers, but know that they are also more likely to track your network activities and usage habits in order to tailor ads for you. Fee-based VPN service providers will take your privacy more seriously and will usually not track your habits and barrage you with product advertisements.

Taking all of these points into consideration should help you create a short list of the best Canada VPN service providers. And if you’re absolutely certain that getting a virtual private network service is for you, be sure that all of your requirements are met just as you need them, to ensure that you aren’t short changed or paying for unwanted services.  To save you time in looking for a Canadian VPN, be sure to check out our reviews of some top VPN providers we’ve listed on this website.

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