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When you need a VPN kill switch, you need one that is ultra-reliable and will not leave your connection exposed if the VPN connection is dropped for some reason. An open connection on the Internet can lead to all sorts of problems for the end-user. Here is a list of the best automatic kill switch software programs on the market.
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This VPN service is very highly rated in the industry. It has one of the fastest networks available on the market. IPVanish also places a premium on your privacy as they do not keep track of your activities on the network. You can also use it on your Mac OS X or Windows platforms. You will not find many kill switch services that are available on Mac products. The interface is very user-friendly and you can set it to change IP addresses at regular intervals.


This VPN company is unique in the aspect that it offers complete end-to-end privacy due to the fact that they own their entire network infrastructure. VyprVPN also offer something that very few other services offer, which is a month to month plan option. If you are no longer satisfied with their service, you can cancel at any time. Just call the always available customer support center and they can help you. Although you probably won’t be calling it much due to the ever reliable network of over 700 servers in 45 countries that will keep you satisfied with the service.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

This company has been in the game a long time. They were one of the first companies to add a kill switch option to protect your privacy. With Private Internet Access, you have the option of enabling the DNS leak protection setting to prevent your computers DNS inquiries from being exposed. You can also enable the Encryption setting which give you all the information you need on the various encryption methods that are employed by the software.

TorGuard VPN

This service is specifically aimed at BitTorrent users. Thus, the company is very focused on never keeping any logs of user activity. TorGuard VPN boasts a trove of servers located in 15 countries and provides two tiers of service to meet your needs. If you are a Bittorent user, this may be your best option.


Another early company in the VPN industry, PureVPN is a strong supporter of the SSTP protocol, which is the top choice if you are a Windows user. The user interface for this software is incredibly easy to use.


Another company that is adamant about user privacy. The kill switch option on the software (which the company dubs NetworkLock) is activated by default so there is nothing you need to do to enjoy their service. ExpressVPN keep no logs of their user activities, a practice that ensures the highest level of anonymity for the user.


This company are strong believers in using modern cryptography techniques. They have a well-earned reputation for never having their security hacked while others have been. They adhere to a zero-knowledge privacy policy and their crack staff takes great care to keep you anonymous.

Roll Your Own Kill Switch

If you are just starting out and want to “test the waters” when it comes to using a VPN with kill switch abilities or don’t wish to change your current service, there are two very fine free options available to you. They are:


This is a great little simple yet effective program. If you VPN connection is dropped, VPNNetMon will simply disconnect the application of your choosing. If the application cannot be terminated, VPNNetMon will hard-kill it.

VPN Watcher

This program piggybacks the VPN connections of your choice and automatically terminates the VPN connection if it is lost. One of the nice things about VPN Watcher is that it can actually recommend the best VPN connection according to your geographic location. It has a solid reputation for using low amounts of CPU and RAM so your system will not hang or drag while using it.

Custom OpenVPN Solution

If you are a hardened techie, you have an option to program a VPN solution yourself by using OpenVPN killswitch. This is an open-source option that can be tweaked to run on any operating system including Linux and Ubuntu. Many determined coders love this program as they can design it to their will.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how it’s setup:


As you can see, there is really no excuse to not using a VPN service that also offers a kill switch option for great peace of mind. In this day and age, cybersecurity is at a premium due to numerous well-publicized successful attempts at hacking and stealing of personal info. Certainly, you also do not want every action or hobby you decide to engage in accessible to prying eyes. If you value your anonymity, try one of these VPN kill switch. You will be glad you did and your computer and privacy will thank you for it.

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