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CyberGhost VPN by Cleverbridge is a Romanian-based VPN provider that anonymizes your online connection and grants you access to geo-restricted content. They offer both free & paid VPN accounts. Their personal VPN service is easy to setup and hides your online activity from eavesdroppers.

When it comes to finding a secure way to browse the Internet, there are so many different options that are currently available. An excessive amount of antivirus software bundles, firewalls and other high-end security measures and virtual structures have been developed over the years with the primary objective in mind of delivering first-class service in a first-class way.

There are, however, so many different flaws, glitches and loopholes of discrepancies and ineffectiveness when it comes to the vast majority of these options that it can be relatively difficult to identify the options that are legitimately worth your time and money. Fortunately, that is why so many people have made the decision to embrace and accept VPN services for their homes and office environments.

The Definition of a VPN

A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) provides an enhanced level of privacy and security for public and private networks alike that many other services simply cannot provide. As a matter of fact, when it comes to public networks, there are virtually no other services that can provide really any considerable level of security (which is why they are known as public networks).

That is one of the reasons why you will always see or read a disclaimer when using the Internet at a public Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, that reminds you that you will not be protected very much when it comes to security threats by logging into an unprotected network that is wide-open and vulnerable. By having a high-quality VPN service, such as the one provided by CyberGhost VPN, you will be able to basically create your own virtual private network even in public places. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, when it comes to the many different benefits and features that you will be able to enjoy simply by taking the necessary steps to have a VPN service.

Keeping Your IP Address Hidden from the Public

One of the major highlights that you can take full advantage of whenever you are using a VPN service, such as CyberGhost, is the ability to cloak and conceal your real IP address. By identifying your IP address, computer hackers and cyber criminals can determine a lot of information about you and your exact location within a matter of a few minutes. By using the cloaking feature that comes standard with most VPN services, this is something that you will not have to worry about at all because your IP address will be hidden and concealed by an anonymous decoy that is based on the actual VPN server to which you are connected.

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Keeping Your Private Data Private

Whether you have a personal computer that you only use from the comfort of your own home and local Wi-Fi hotspots or a large corporation network that consists of multiple computers, you have a lot of confidential data and files that you would like to keep confidential. There truly is no way around that whatsoever; it is an actual fact that you cannot avoid. However, when it comes to finding an Internet service or security package that will allow you to keep your data safe and secured, that is where the true challenge begins.  By investing in high-quality VPN services, however, you will not have to worry about that at all. You can rest assured in knowing that your private data is kept private, especially since it will become encrypted and stored safely away along with your passwords, private conversations and financial transactions.

The Downside of VPN Services

Even though there are more than enough advantages and benefits that you can take into consideration when it comes to VPN services, there are also a few different disadvantages that cannot be ignored either. For instance, you need to keep in mind that your VPN connection is factored into your total package of Internet traffic. Even though this may not mean much within a personal home network, it can affect the speed and performance of a major corporate network. In addition, the initial deployment of this high-end security is definitely not something that is easy to setup and configure if you have limited (or no) experience with this type of networking arrangement.  That said, if you’re looking for better privacy and anonymity online using the Internet at home, a slight slowdown in connection time is negligible.

Does CyberGhost Log Activities While Connected?

One of the things to look for when choosing a VPN is to find out whether they keep logs of its users.

This is the CyberGhost logging policy:

“NO! There is no logging whatsoever, which might compromise one’s anonymity. CyberGhost VPN neither observes nor records content like messenger chats, telephone calls, video chats, or other communication forms, nor stores IP addresses (not the ones the users are heading to, and not the ones users have, when logging into the CyberGhost VPN network). Furthermore it’s not possible to record, which account logged into which server at what time or to connect a real person to a certain CyberGhost VPN account.”

Even the login data comprising of accounts logged in for the day for statistical purposes is not kept:

“The daily log-in data will be deleted after 24 hours, the monthly sum at the end of each month.”

In fact, unless you divulge your real identity to them while creating an account, there is no way for them to know who you are!  You don’t even have to use your real name and address as they point out in the CyberGhost privacy FAQ:

“A connection to your real identity is not possible, even if CyberGhost is forced to hand over all its account names – unless you use your real name plus address as a user name.”

This is why users such as illumination at appreciate CyberGhost anti-logging policy as he writes… it “is the exact reason I use CyberGhost if I’m going to use a VPN”.

“I have used CG, I like it, speed is good, may not be the best… with different servers you can bring it a bit closer to your original speed. But one of the major thing I like about CG is that it doesn’t logs almost any of the user data including the IP address.” — madyrocksin,

What Have Other Customers Say About This Service

Before deciding on CyberGhost VPN, it is good to find out what others think about this service and whether it is worthwhile getting setup on it.

When it comes to the high-quality VPN services that are provided by CyberGhost VPN, there are so many customers and clients that have applauded their efforts highly – especially when it comes to providing high-quality service and support around the clock. Even when a technical issue or glitch arises, the CyberGhost staff of IT specialists will quickly come to the rescue in order to resolve the issues and restore your secured service as soon as possible.

“CyberGhost VPN has always been a favourite of mine” — MrXidus,

“I think this Cyberghost VPN service is best. I was using several VPN services, but they don’t support Linux or high price. But this Cyberghost VPN is good. And I want to say online service. Their service support 24 hours. I am using Linux, so I don’t well know how to set up this VPN setting. Their tech servicer supported me.” — robertbradthomas,

Here’s what users shared about their connection speed and performance reliability:

“It is light on system, cheap, and really fast.” — Dashke,

“Cyberghost has always worked flawlessly for me.” — Shallofin22,

Perhaps the biggest selling point that has been able to draw the most attention, however, is the simple fact that their competitive prices for these competitive services are some of the most affordable rates in the industry.

So, Do You Need a Paid Connection?

While the service performs fairly well for a free service on PCs, you do need to upgrade in order to get iOS and multi-device support.  First, you’ll bypass the annoying 25-second delay prior to connecting to their VPN.  The Free version limits your bandwidth so expect a significant slowdown to what you are used to when connected online.  The paid service is 5 times faster than the free – so what’s your time worth? The Free service also limits you to 22 servers in limited countries versus the full 500+ servers covering much of US, Canada, Europe, and Russia. Also, if you want to access the Internet without ads when connected, the paid version is best.

The paid version also allows access via OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP for added flexibility.

If you are going with the paid version, there are two to choose from.  The first is Premium and the other is Premium PLUS.  The Premium PLUS service gets everything the Premium user gets plus the ability to access the service with 5 different devices simultaneously.

You can sign up either on a monthly basis or yearly.  Our recommendation is that you go for the yearly versus the monthly as the yearly option offers the best deal.  Premium goes for $69.99 prepaid yearly while Premium PLUS goes for $109.99 prepaid yearly.

“I have used this VPN for awhile, the Premium version is great. They have a lot of servers, the speed is very good and it is very easy to use. If you are looking for a VPN, than this is a very good choice.” — Jack,

As you can see from above, it makes sense to sign up for a small fee to really gain the full benefits of this service.

>>> Stay Protected for a Full-Year with CyberGhost VPN <<<

Alternatively, if you wish to try the CyberGhost offer on a monthly basis, you can check out this link here.

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