How To Ensure Privacy On The Internet In A World Where People And Governments Invade Privacy

In today’s world, it’s hard for a person to have privacy unless they know what they are doing. People can be tracked through their computers and phones without them even knowing about it. Governments have a lot of tools and tactics that they can use to spy on people. Fortunately, there are ways that people can protect themselves from those who want to invade their personal privacy on the internet. It’s important for those who want privacy to stay on top of things. Just because something works now doesn’t mean it will always work.
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Using The Right Search Engines

There is no doubt about it. Having a search engine that remembers a person’s searches can be very convenient. When a search engine knows a person’s location, it can make recommendations. Unfortunately, all those perks come with a price: No Privacy. One of the best internet privacy tips is to use a search engine that allows for anonymous searches. DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular anonymous search engines. People are free to use more than one anonymous search engine at a time.

Using Anonymous File Storage

The cloud has become a part of the lives of a lot of people. Storing files in the cloud is very convenient, and it is also a great way for a person to have their privacy violated. In general, people want to stay away from most cloud storage options. One that is known to offer a level of anonymity is SpiderOak. It’s a service that offers great encryption and doesn’t even store the passwords of its users. When a person chooses to use cloud storage, they have to remember that there aren’t any guarantees. As such, it should only be used as a last resort. It’s always better to store files locally.

Using Anonymous Email Services

Unfortunately, email is something that can be easily compromised. People need to stay away from mainstream email services if they value their privacy. Such email services can store and hand over emails to government officials. There are a number of services that offer anonymous email services, so people can have multiple accounts. When using any email services, proper encryption is essential. It makes it so only the person with the right key can view the contents of the email. People should look for email services that strip IP addresses when email is sent. They should also look for services that don’t keep IP addresses in server logs.

Using Special Browsers

Any discussion on how to ensure privacy on the internet wouldn’t be complete without mentioning browsers dedicated to maintaining privacy. The Tor browser is a great way to browse the Internet anonymously. Much like a VPN, the Tor browser can hide a person’s IP address so that they can’t be tracked. It also has other safeguard in place that can prevent certain plugins from revealing sensitive information about a person’s identity. The National Security Agency(NSA) reportedly knows how well the Tor browser works when dealing with online privacy government surveillance.

Using A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN can help a person with Internet privacy. With the help of a VPN, a person can hide their Internet Protocol(IP) address which can be used to track them down. It’s important to realize that not all VPN providers take privacy seriously. People should never use a VPN that is known for keeping logs. If a government goes after the provider, they can gain access to those logs. Some also think that it is best to use a VPN in a country that the person isn’t a citizen of. When using a VPN, it’s important to use encryption to protect information that is being sent and received.

Some countries have realized just how effective VPNs can be and have worked to interfere with them. Citizens have used them in the past in government protests in order to protect their identities, so VPNs have proven their effectiveness many times. When encryption is used, they can also help to keep Internet Service Providers(ISP) from knowing what their customers are doing.

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Some More Tips

When learning how to protect your privacy online, there are some other things to keep in mind. People who want to maintain privacy should never share their computers. Even though using the above safeguards do help with privacy, some people prefer to use those methods along with connecting to the Internet through public connections. If something does go wrong with any of the methods, the person’s home IP won’t be revealed. Also, some people who take privacy seriously make it a point to have different computers. One computer can be used strictly for things that are meant to be private, while the other one can be used for other things that a person might not care about people knowing. People should also use bitcoin as payment for privacy services.

People want different levels of privacy. They should learn to use the best methods that help to guarantee the level of privacy that they require.

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