HideMyAss Alternatives to Consider When Choosing a VPN

Are you tired of having your privacy compromised when you are online? Are you searching for a way to encrypt your Internet connection and hide behind an anonymous IP? If so, you’ll find you have a number of options. Many look to IPvanish, HideMyAss, and Private Internet Access for this purpose, yet fail to compare the three before selecting. Those who do often find they wish to avoid Hide My Ass as it has been known to turn logs over to the FBI and other authorities.

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Hide My Ass defends this action, stating their VPN isn’t intended for illegal activity. Many wonder how far they will take this, however, and wish to look for HideMyAss alternatives, and IPVanish and Private Internet Access are similar to HideMyAss (HMA), leading many to wonder if they are the better options. There are advantages to each and disadvantages to be aware of.

Hide My Ass

Read a HideMyAss review and you’ll find HMA is one of the leaders in this industry when it comes to . This is due in large part to the anonymity they provide to clients and the many services they offer via the website. The major drawback for many, however, is their UK base, as they must abide by certain laws, as mentioned above.

The company offers three packages to select from, all offering the same service. The price depends on the length of the contract, and many find HMA Pro to be pricey when compared to other comparable VPN services. There is a 30-day money back guarantee which customers love, as they can try the service to see if it meets their needs. In addition, this company offers more than 73,000 IP addresses, and they continue to add more. Combined with the 591 servers in 69 countries, many find this company to be exactly what they want and need, no matter which operating system they choose to use.  But as you are already aware, logging is clearly done at this VPN despite what they may claim and if you’re a stickler for privacy, this probably is a no-go to start with.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Many choose to make use of Private Internet Access, simply because it is based in the United States. The US has more lenient laws when it comes to data retention, and most customers prefer this. This is just one of the many benefits associated with this VPN. Along with providing the privacy customers are looking for, Private Internet Access offers extremely fast connection speeds, competitive pricing, and an easy to use client. Only two pricing packages are offered, however, and there isn’t a money back guarantee.

Individuals who are new to using VPNs often find this service to be the best choice, thanks to the easy to use website. In addition, the company clearly explains VPNs and why their company is the best choice for many. Customer service is good with this company, but they are lacking in terms of FAQs, so keep this in mind as you make your selection. If you have never used an anonymous VPN before, you may find this to be an issue. Furthermore, the company is limited in terms of the number of servers they have and the number of companies served. If you travel the world frequently, you may wish to look elsewhere. This VPN service is way ahead of many of its competitors by accepting a variety of anonymous payment methods such as the virtual currency Bitcoin and a multitude of gift cards. The feedback from their users speaks volumes because this company is exactly what many want and need – superior anonymity and privacy.

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Before deciding on a VPN, consumers need to look at IPvanish vs HideMyAss. In the past, IPVanish lagged behind other VPNs, but that is now changing. The company has improved in terms of accessibility and speed, and they have adopted a zero logs policy, significantly boosting their security. As with other VPN providers, the company offers one plan which decreases in price the longer the contract. This company also offers a money-back guarantee, although it is only good for 7-days. Be aware the fees for this service are higher than with the majority of VPNs, yet customers find the service is worth every penny.

IPVanish offers servers in 59 countries, with certain countries having numerous servers to ensure high speeds in these areas. Those who travel to exotic parts of the world, such as Panama and Egypt, find this VPN to be their preferred choice, as they are one of a select few VPNs offering service in these areas. Customer support is excellent with this company, and the privacy policy now ensures no logs are kept, including connection logs. The major drawback with IPVanish lies in the fact that it can only be used on two devices at one time, one OpenVPN connection along with one other protocol.

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Compare a number of VPN providers to determine which best meets your needs. If you travel a great deal, you’ll need a provider with service in a number of countries. If you have multiple family members wishing to use the service simultaneously, you must choose a server who can accommodate you. Others choose based strictly on price. Although this is an option, it shouldn’t be the way you make your decision. VPNs to hide your IP well are reasonably priced, allowing you to choose a server who meets your needs in every way. With many to select from, you’ll find this won’t be hard to do.

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