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This VPN service, while a relatively new entrant in the market, is an up and coming major player in the VPN world. IPVanish is constantly working hard to increase both their servers around the world as well as the number of countries where their servers are located. With the extensive coverage provided, is it a VPN worth trying out? Read on to find out.

When it comes to VPN services not all products are created or perform equally. That’s why we decided to do an IPVanish Review and a few more so we could make sure each one got a fair shake. Here we will cover IPVanish obviously, hence the name of the review.

Let’s not suspend the excitement but get straight to the point of what makes a good and then a great VPN. Though opinions may differ and will invariably clash on some points, there are a few fundamental components that are considered critical and necessary to an excellent VPN service. Do you know what they are? If not, sit tight, we are soon to cover that exact topic as well.So…let’s get started. Just in case you are not totally aware of what VPNs can do, we’ll give you a brief synopsis and then see how IPVanish measures up as a corporate and personal VPN.

What is a Good VPN?

ipvanish-vpnFirst of all VPN stands for virtual private network. That almost sounds like a misnomer in some ways, but it’s not really. The companies who have created VPN servicing as a business have tapped into the ability of point to point functionality to broaden the safety, security, privacy and protection that can be offered by doing so.

With VPN the combined use of many resources around the world (hopefully) allows users of the service to look tap into a network in Bangkok when they are actually in Baton Rouge or something like that. You get the point anyway.

VPNs allows you to expand your virtual private network across a public network in just as secure a fashion as if you were at home. Well…that’s what the best do for you anyway.

What Else Does a VPN Help With?

By helping you to “hide” or “vanish” in cyberspace you don’t have to worry about trackers and tracers and someone looking over your shoulder every minute of the day.  So…VPN helps assure your protection and privacy, but…

There are other measures that should be in place as you move up the level from okay, to better and best on the VPN top notch scales. Here are a few of those critical features that are absolutely necessary to assure your experience but also assure your security.

  • Encryption
  • Downloads
  • Privacy/Logs
  • Uploads
  • Speed

We’ll cover each of these as we go along and let you know how IPVanish measures up along the way.

How About Safety?

Encryption is absolutely critical to make sure any data you send or receive is fully protected. IPVanish knocks this one out of the ballpark. With standard OpenVPN 256 bit encryption and 128 bit PPTP and L2TP available as well, IPVanish has all your bases covered.

There are instances where one protocol may be more befitting of your experience so IPVanish makes sure that you can be taken care of. No matter what you are protected. That’s the way it should be. This VPN provider is able to build off many years of experience, over 15 to give it a number, so that they can bring you one of the best and safest experiences on the planet. This is a pretty amazing service for all its offerings.

How About Movies, Videos, TV?

Great question here because a good VPN service simply must be able to support these types of downloads and uploads in a fast and efficient manner in order to make the end user experience worthwhile. IPVanish has you covered here.

With overIPs spread throughoutcountries and still growing, you won’t have to worry about whether there is support for your activities anywhere in the world. You can upload and download to your heart’s content with the great bandwidth offered by this provider.  Their service also works for bypassing the Great Firewall in China which has created issues for many other companies.

A good VPN makes it easy for you to connect to the service.  Once it is on, there is no need to tinker with any settings unless you wish to change your server location to access geo-blocked sites in another country.

How About Quality and Speed?

Okay, so this is where the rubber really hits the road. It doesn’t matter if you are able to see movies, download videos, etc. if the quality is hodgepodge and humdrum. Speed is a necessary component in order to get these data pieces streamed fast enough to make the magic happen. Well, guess what?

IPVanish VPN is one of, if not the fastest VPN service in the world! Remember thoseservers (and growing) andcountries (and growing) plus that we just mentioned a few seconds ago? Well, those allow IPVanish VPN to acclaim itself one of the best. In fact, they don’t have to do say it. Everyone else is saying it for them. This team has speed running in your favor no doubt.

Preserve Your Anonymity Further with BitCoin Payments

Bitcoin is the leading virtual currency and allows users to pay for many services without any linkage to the one signing up.  In addition to accepting credit cards like many other VPN providers offer, IPVanish gives you to option to pay for the VPN service using BitCoin.  This option is a fantastic way to stay truly anonymous (for those who may be paranoid about their privacy) because you can avoid having your account linked to a credit card account.

What Do Users Say About IPVanish?

One of the things you always want to check when it comes to a VPN is their performance and reliability.  There have been reports of other VPNs having on and off issues with connection but that doesn’t seem to be the case with IPVanish.  Users also comment that it is very fast.

“I use IPVanish a lot because the performance is good.”  — NewsgroupRev, dslreports.com

“Yesterday I signed up with ipvanish.com and I’m already impressed” — jjcoolaus, forums.whirlpool.net.au

“Also giving IPvanish a run and they have a lot of and very fast US servers. I have had OS streaming services struggle with local back-haul problems then when I connect to a fast US IPvanish VPN the problem goes away. They also have an android app which is nice. They have a lot of servers in a number of countries.” — theslydog, forums.whirlpool.net.au

As the user above noted, they have good mobile app support for the Android as well as for the iPhone iOS. Their mobile software appears to be easy to install and use and is constantly updated for improved functionality.  Based on our testing, they also provide a stable, working piece of software that works reasonably well for both Mac and Windows.  So, the next important thing to ask is this…

Does IPVanish Log Your Online Activities?

This is a concern for some as privacy is important.  IPVanish claims that they don’t know what sites you access or what you do during your connection.  According to their privacy page:
IPVanish logfiles description

Truth is, all VPN providers collect some basic data and some are even required by law to do so.  If any service claims they don’t, it is highly suspect at best.  What this means it that they can probably keep track of who connected to the service but not necessarily what you did during the connection.  This is because any service, in order to maintain the integrity of the service and prevent abuse of its servers, has to collect information that allows them to block access to Terms of Service violators.  Unless you intend to do something illegal or overload their servers, this isn’t going to be a show-stopper at all.  For most people, they just want to access blocked content where content may be streamed to certain countries only or where Internet censorship is high.  For such cases, this service seems to do the job well.

A Final Note

So…there is no doubt from the critical components and beyond that IPVanish VPN is a #1 contender in this industry. You really can’t go wrong when a company is providing the best at all ends of the spectrum, has been in business for many years, has great customer service.

Latest IPVanish Coupons

This is great for anyone who just wants to get a nice discount on their VPN service. Currently, there is no IPVanish coupon.   We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get one so be sure to check back regularly.

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