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PIA, founded in 2009, has turned into one of the leading VPN providers specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels providing users with unparallelled privacy and security online. So is their service any good? Read on to find out more!

Studies have been able to confirm that they are currently over one million different computer viruses, malware and spyware that can infect your network and compromise your data. This is bad enough when it comes to personal computers used at home. However, when your business is on the line, this type of statistic makes it evidently clear why you need to invest in a website hosting service specifically designed to maintain a high level of security. Many different options are available that can allow you to achieve this goal, but one of the very best and most effective website hosting services that are currently available is the virtual private network (VPN) service. You can enjoy and explore an extensive list of features and benefits simply by investing in this particular type of service.

The Power of an IP Cloak

One of the most impressive selling points of VPN services, such as those provided by Private Internet Access, is the IP cloak. Many different businesses enjoy using the IP cloak because it allows them to conceal their actual IP addresses from the rest of the world and information superhighway. By investing in services from Private Internet Access (PIA), for instance, you will receive an anonymous IP address to serve as a decoy for your room one. This is very beneficial because it will allow you to keep Internet services and other websites from being able to track your activity, your keyword searches, as well as your geographic location overall.

Private Internet Access Screenshot

A Complete and Efficient Security System

Another major advantage of investing in quality VPN services is the provision of an efficient and complete security solutions package. As mentioned earlier, there are over one million different viruses, spyware and malware floating throughout the information superhighway. Even though earlier viruses focused more on corrupting files and folders within your computer, a host of viruses and spyware in the world today specifically compromise your data and gain unauthorized access to your confidential file and resources. It is of the utmost importance for business owners to find an effective way to protect this information without letup for the sake of your brand as well as your customers and clients. Investing in a virtual private network service, such as one of the packages offered by Private Internet Access, would allow you to enjoy the benefits of a strong defense when it comes to warding off attacks and breaches conducted by cybercriminals and computer hackers from around the globe. Private Internet Access offers high-grade encryption in order to provide a superior level of security for the customers that trust in them, even when their customers are accessing the Internet from public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Learn more about how Private Internet Access works in this video:

The Beauty of a Firewall

Another popular selling point that can easily captivate the attention and interest of many prospective and existing business owners when it comes to VPN services is the beauty of the firewall. If you have never use a firewall before, then you truly do not know what you are missing. A firewall managed by a VPN service provider will effectively block any unwarranted or unauthorized connection to your network. It does not matter if you are accessing the Internet from a public hotspot or from your private office. You will not have to worry about any cyber criminals or computer hackers finding their way into your confidential data. This simply because they will not be able to get past the firewall.

When you invest in the services provided by Private Internet Access (PIA), their advanced firewall is actually included as a standard feature within the available packages that they offer… That has satisfied many of the customers and clients that have invested in the services is that they can rest assured knowing that the only openings established with the Internet are the ones that they intentionally create and authorize.

What Other Customers Have to Say

Even though there are many different VPN service providers from which you can choose to use for your business, quite a few customers and clients satisfied by the services offered by Private Internet Access. There have been many different reviews, ratings and testimonials posted and published online in reference to their multiple security layers as well as the fact that their services are compatible with a wide variety of different operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The competitive pricing and rates for these services are also very satisfying to the average consumer, especially if they have to stick to a highly restricted IT budget.

Here’s what one user found in their Speedtest result for their connection to the US-East server (Clifton, NJ):

PIA US-East Server

As you can see from this screen capture, this is a very fast connection rated in the top 10%.  You’ll see that this experience is common to many other users as well in the feedback section that follows below.



Here are some comments from actual users of the service:

“I just signed up and the speed is excellent! No problems with general browsing or watching Youtube at all. I’m using US  California server and it feels like I’m not using a VPN at all.” — Jotunheim,

“Used PIA for a month and I loved it. The experience was mostly positive with the rare speed hiccups. The client is stupid easy to use as well, both on my PC and Nexus 7. I will buy an 1-yr subscription soon.” — amarshonarbangla,

Voted Best VPN for Privacy and Torrenting by, this service maintains your privacy online with little effort and at a reasonable monthly fee.  This is repeated in user feedback as well:

“I have used it for a while now, and I think it is amazing, especially if you want to use it for torrenting.” — fidjumatchu,

There appeared to be the same theme throughout in other user feedback we saw so this is a promising sign of a good VPN to go with.

What About Privacy Issues or Data Logging?

For some, privacy is a HUGE issue.  If that’s you, then read this section.  If not, skip over to the next section.

This is what can be found on their site’s privacy page: does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) or Proxy.

ARSTechnica caught up with one of the co-owners of Private Internet Access, Andrew Lee.  According to Lee, “We’ve never been asked for keys, nor [have we] handed over user data“. He goes on to state that even if any government authorities were to request for information that they won’t be able to get anything:

“We don’t log metadata [or] session data either. We will comply with anything, but we can’t comply because we do not provide any logs. We don’t log, period.”

During the ARSTechnica interview of the company’s attorney in residence, they concluded:

“the company has never handed over any user data, as it does not log traffic. He said that PIA has never been ordered to log any user data, nor has it received a National Security Letter, nor has it been compelled to handover SSL keys.”

So can you really trust them to not log?  Frankly, you can never be really 100% sure.  They do appear to make every effort to respect user’s privacy and are making a conscious effort to make it more transparent to potential users though.  This is apparent in their discussions with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on a solution to have a transparency report for VPN companies so users know for certain whether they really log or not.   For now though, this VPN appears to be a good solution for privacy advocates.

“Fast speed. Always up. Quick support. NO LOGS. Best VPN out there IMO.” — kantlivelong,

Maintain Privacy Further with Multiple Modes of Payment

Unlike other VPN providers, PIA offers its users a variety of payment modes, not just credit cards.  In fact, if you’re truly serious about staying under the radar when using a VPN, go with Bitcoin or some other form of untrackable “currency” like gift cards.  The great thing about PIA is that you can use a variety of different cards for payment.  Some include: Starbucks, JC Penney, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Foot Locker, Walmart, Target, American Eagle, Kohl’s, Cabela’s, Gap, Macy’s, Toys R Us, Neiman Marcus, and many many more.  Take your pick, there are so many to choose from. And if you want to use a gift card but don’t have one currently and are outside the US, you can always order one from, a service which lets you buy gift cards from various merchants.

“I could go for Private Internet Access, since they do not track your activities at all and you can pay for the service with Bitcoin or Liberty Reserve. They seem to have good connection speeds too – I’ve been testing them over the last three months.” — cephoe,

“I’d recommend PIA. Great speed, lots of support, good privacy, let you pay with bitcoins” — Dark_Slayer,

One more thing, make sure to use an anonymous email to signup for the service to further protect yourself.  With that, you’ll be all set for anonymous web surfing.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

There have been people who’ve experienced reconnection problems when they’ve put their computer to sleep or standby.  Whenever you’re connected to the VPN, make sure you disconnect before you put your laptop (regardless of whether it is Mac or PC) on standby.  Users have reported not being able to get back up after standby or closing the lid.  If you forget, however, the easiest way to overcome this problem is simply to restart the system.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of how much money you will have to pay for it, your company’s IT security and your privacy should always be a top priority. The key is to find a high-quality VPN service provider, such as Private Internet Access, offering first-class services for competitive prices that fits your budget.

“Have been using PIA almost six months, after going through several other vpn’s. There are reasons I jumped around for a while, primarily performance related.  None of them apply to PIA. Satisfied customer, zero problems or reasons I’d consider leaving, expect to be with them indefinitely.” — SkyMarshal,

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    I can say that Private Internet Access is good when it comes to its performance. Its connection speed is pretty fast too. I’ve been using it for six months now, primarily for browsing. What I like most about this VPN is that you can be sure that no data will leak from your server.

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