Best Ways to Surf the Web Anonymously

There are plenty of reasons for you to want to surf the Internet anonymously. The main reason is for privacy. It is simpler to have privacy in the real world, but when it comes to browsing online, many people do not even consider the fact that anyone can track their information regarding where they are logging on from and what type of browser they are using. There are, fortunately, many ways you can keep this information private. Here is some great advice for how to surf anonymously, so you can keep your online life as private as your physical life.   Many are free, so how can you argue with that?
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Networking Software Plays a Role in Browsing Anonymously

The first thing that plays a role in anonymous surfing are the components of the networking software that work with the browser you choose to use. This has to do with the network data traffic and where and how to locate it. The data goes through the ISP which opens a door for the ISP to easily leak personal information, keeping a record of all that you browse and look at online.

Your Browser Plays a Role in Browsing Anonymously

This is how you gain access to the Internet. This is also how anyone can find out where you have been online and what you have done during your browsing session. This is the main access point for someone to locate if they want to find out what you do while surfing the web.

Proxies Are a Great Way to Surf Anonymously

Proxies, also known as proxy servers, are great ways to surf the web anonymously, if that is what you are hoping to do. These are basically routing machines that act upon your requests to forward any data of yours. This helps you completely stay away from any direct communication where data is typically handled and taken care of. These anonymous proxy websites are not necessarily said to be the best option because they are not one hundred percent secure.  It is, however, safer than simply browsing online without any protection or security, so it is a good option for some level of protection.

Peer-To-Peer Is a Great Way to Surf Anonymously

Peer-to-peer, also known as P2P, is another network that can be used to effectively surf the web without anyone knowing or being able to find any information on your searches. This network works by routing all of your data through different peers as data pieces that are identifiable by keys which are independent by location. While it is somewhat secure, this is, again, not the number one option. This is only because there is a possibility that a peer could gain information from the data that is passing through.  File-sharers, in particular, are targeted by law enforcement and anti-piracy groups.

Virtual Private Networks Are Great Ways to Surf Anonymously

Virtual private networks, also known as VPNs, are networks that keep all of your information secure from one point to the next. These are made by using different public wires that connect to a network that is extremely private. This happens when a system uses security mechanisms like encryption to guarantee that the only people who can access or see the data or information are those who have been authorized to do so.  A good thing about VPNs is that they can be used in conjunction with several other mechanisms listed in this article.  We have reviewed many of the top providers here so take a look around and see which is best for your case.

Tor Browser Bundle Is an Anonymous Surfing Service

Tor Browser Bundle is one of the best anonymous web surfing services around. Not only is it free, it is compatible with any type of platform, so anyone can use it. The rating for this program for anonymity is extremely high, meaning you are generally safe and secure from most people while browsing with Tor Browser. We recommend Tor along with the use of a VPN for added protection if you are worried about keeping your information private.  FBI recently hacked into Tor with the help of Carnegie Mellon University researchers to identify users via their IP in a sting operation.  With a VPN as an additional layer of protection, your IP is shielded from prying eyes.

Use the VPN Gate Website for Anonymous Browsing

VPN Gate, the successor to, uses the VPN service offered through SoftEther VPN for anonymous browsing of websites online. It is also free and is very popular because it is not only based on OpenVPN, like many browsing sites. It supports the following protocols: OpenVPN, SSL-VPN, L2TP/IPSec, and MS-SSTP.  It uses a quality proprietary system and works by encrypting anything you do on the Internet. It rates very high when it comes to anonymity, making it a great way to surf the web without anyone knowing what you have done or where you have been.

USAIP Is a Great VPN Service to Use

USAIP is an excellent VPN service to use. They have a free service, while the paid version offers more features such as more servers, automatic reconnect, and unlimited speed.  This is known as one of the highest quality networks for browsing the web anonymously and delivers great connection speeds to people browsing all over the world.

If you find that you surf the web frequently, and you are worried about all of your information being accessible to people and floating around online, use one of the options listed above to keep that information locked down and private. It is your privacy and your personal information, so you should have control over who can access it. Your safest bet is to always surf the web anonymously, so you stay safe and secure.

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