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A person is rarely as anonymous as they would like online. In fact, everything they do can be traced back to their home computer using their IP address. This is typically not a problem, but a person might want to be more anonymous because they don’t like their browsing being tracked or because they want to do something they don’t really want the government to be able to track to their home computer. They may even want to browse as anonymous as possible to avoid a computer-savvy person finding where they live. No matter the reason, they might want to look into a Tor anonymity guide to learn if this is safe to use and how to make sure they stay safe online.

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What is the Tor Browser?

The Tor browser is a browser that can be used to go online anonymously. The browser works by using three layers of encryption using three nodes with encryption keys to send information. The only person who has the keys to all three of the nodes is going to be the person using the browser and the end information that is sent is going to be plain text that cannot be linked to the source or the destination of the information. These mean a person doesn’t have to worry about whether someone else can see what they’re doing online or trace it back by using their IP address.

Is It Safe to Use on Its Own?

internet safetyOne main question that is often asked is going to be, is Tor browser safe? The Tor browser is encrypted and does allow the person to browse the internet anonymously, but it is not very secure. The information is only encrypted to disguise the source and destination, not to make it difficult to get to. The information is actually outputted in plain text, which means it’s not encrypted at all once it reaches the destination. Thus, the browser allows anonymity but it’s a security option if the person wants to completely disguise the information they send and receive.  A person who wants to be completely safe online will want to do more than just use the Tor browser to go online.

In 2015, it was reported that the FBI hacked into Tor to track visitors of a child porn site.  Not that anyone may be thinking of breaking the law or visiting dubious websites, but it still begs the question: how safe is relying on Tor alone if one is interested in keeping all activities done online away from prying eyes?

What About VPNs?

A Virtual Private Network (or VPN), is meant to offer greater security. The person must use credentials to access the network and then everything that passes into or out of the network is going to be encrypted. The information inside the network, however, may not be encrypted unless there are additional security measures at play. This can be a way for a person to access the information they might not usually be able to based on their location. For instance, using a VPN a person might be able to access websites that are typically blocked at their worksite.

What’s the Difference Between Tor and a VPN Service?

Tor is a browser that can be used to make sure the person is anonymous. VPN is a security measure that can help make sure the person’s information is kept as secure as possible. They are two different things, but can be used together to make a more secure and anonymous way for the person to browse the internet.

Can Tor Be Used With a VPN?

One way to learn how to use Tor browser safely is to learn how to access the Tor browser in conjunction with a VPN so the person can have the security of the VPN along with the anonymity of the Tor browser. This is the best of both worlds as it allows the person to securely access information and to be anonymous while they are online. There is a variety of VPNs a person can use with the Tor browser, so the person will want to determine exactly how much security they need and which network to use to get the security they want.

Learn How to Stay Safe and Anonymous on the Internet

As mentioned in the introduction, there are a variety of reasons why a person might want to remain as anonymous as possible online. To be truly anonymous, a person might want to look into using Tor with VPN. This gives them the ability to make sure they are anonymous but also that the information sent to and from their computer is going to be encrypted for more than just hiding their identity. By combining the anonymity of Tor and the security of a VPN, a person can hide their IP address and make sure the information they send and receive isn’t going to be traced back to their home.

These questions and answers should provide a little bit more insight into the differences between Tor and VPN and how a person can be anonymous and secure when they’re online. Take the time to look into your options if you’d like to learn how to browse Tor anonymously and learn more about safe practices so you don’t have to worry about what can be connected to your home address when you’re browsing the internet.

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