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Established by Internet veterans Golden Frog, the creator of VyprVPN, has been around since 1994. VyprVPN is touted to be one of the fastest VPNs in the world because they write 100% of the VPN source code, manages their own network, and owns all the hardware. So does it deliver? We find out in this review.

It is our pleasure to review one of the leading VPN industry giants VyprVPN. When we were first asked to do a VyprVPN review we had to first lay some consideration to whether or not we could do it justice and our consumers as well. You know what we mean, right? Nothing is perfect. Even though this product is nearly as good as it gets, we want to make sure and be fair.So…here we go. We are going to shoot this arrow just as true and straight as it can go.

vyprvpnWhat is VyprVPN?

Begun more years ago than many people are aware of, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. That’s a pretty awesome concept in itself, if you really think about it. This is a way to extend your private network across any public network such as the internet and be safe while doing so.

Now there’s the kicker.

VPN is the use of dedicated connection points and / or the use of encryption to create a point to point connection. As technology and securities have evolved so have the improvements in VPN technology. Messages are protected and secured via tunneling protocols, encryption and authentication methodologies.

It is important to note also that this technology can speed up your connection in certain cases.  Encryption of your web traffic defeats any throttling your ISP may use.  This is because your ISP cannot see what websites you are accessing.

Bottom line for the consumer is how well does it work for you? How fast does it accomplish your goals, how reliable is it, do they have good service and how much does it cost. All of these are great questions and VyprVPN seems to be knocking it pretty much out of the ball park on most all of them.

Why is VyprVPN different?

One thing that make VyprVPN different is that they offer three different packages at different price points. This allows you to select which is better for you and will meet your needs best. There are Standard for $6.67/mth, Pro plan for $8.33/mth, and Premier plan for $10/month. Below we’ll tell you what’s the same and what’s different and then why VyprVPN is different than the rest.

Shared by both Standard and Pro version PPTP, 128-bit encryption, VyprVPN Desktop and Dump Truck 10 GB Online Storage. The Pro version goes further in giving you: 2 simultaneous connections, Open/VPN SSL, L2TP/IPsec, 256-bit encryption, VyprVPN mobile apps for Android and IOS, as well as an additional 15 GB of Dump Truck storage.  For up to 3 connections at a time plus all the features of the Pro plan and an extra 25 GB of storage on top for a total of 50 GB of Dump Truck online storage, the Premier plan is a deal hard to beat.

The other major difference between the plans is that the Standard DOES NOT include the Chameleon technology which helps to defeat blocking by restrictive governments that employ deep packet inspection to analyze traffic.  Only the Pro and Premier Plans include this breakthrough VPN technology.  So, if you are behind a restrictive firewall that other VPN services don’t allow you to bypass, Vypr’s Chameleon technology will help you overcome it.

That kind of gives you the gist of the difference between the 3 plans. Now…what makes VyprVPN better? Here’s what we’ve found:

  • End to end privacy – Not all VPN providers can assure this level of privacy. Here’s why. Golden Frog (the makers of VyprVPN) happens to own ALL of its own servers and they manage their own network.  No outsourcing, leasing of 3rd party servers and stuff like that.  This ensures your privacy and protection like no other.
  • Support – With Golden Frog you are never alone. You have support on hand 24/7/365. There is always someone available. Office hours are always open.
  • Month to month service option – Because Golden Frog doesn’t want to keep you if you are not happy, they offer a month to month commitment so you can cancel anytime. That’s another reason so few actually offer this.
  • Large network – With over 45 worldwide locations, over 700 servers, and over 200,000 (yes, thousands) different IPs, it gives you the breadth few VPN providers can match.
  • 7 day money back guarantee – Golden Frog backs their product with their money and their guarantee. If you are not happy, you can get your money back no questions asked.

What we also like about their service is that they are always open to customer feedback on ways to improve their service.  This is a major plus since you know for sure they’re going to be there for you when you need it and they are getting better and better all the time.

Those are just a few of the reasons that VyprVPN is above and beyond all the rest.

Where does VyprVPN come from?

Well, we’ve kind of already let the cat out of the proverbial bag on this one. Golden Frog is the company behind VyprVPN. They have been around in the VPN industry since around 1994 and have always maintained one of the top spots in the industry. They are in more than 200 countries and that’s not by accident for sure.

With that kind of history, backing and ongoing client base there must be something to the product, right?

Why Do You Want It?

There are many reasons that you may want to select VyprVPN as your VPN of choice. With a base spanning around the world in 5 continents, server clusters throughout North America, Asia, Europe and growing, these veteran experts will be here in the future. So… this is another one up for them.

Longevity and futuristic capabilities. Been there, got it.

This VPN really does impress us so we’ve decided to include a few more reasons you might want to look this way.

  • Variable encryption available
  • Speed variability is minimal all the way around the world
  • Compatibility across most Windows, Mac and Linux solutions
  • Mobile option is nearly unparalleled

Summary on VyprVPN

As you may have noticed, we like VyprVPN right from the get-go. This is truly a remarkable VPN service and one that will definitely provide you reliable and friendly service for a great price. According to users and our personal analysis it is user friendly and fairly simple to use. If you get lost or you are totally new to the VPN world, there are tutorials available to walk you into and through the world of VPN.

Of course, like we said at the beginning, there is no such thing as perfect and though it’s hard to find we have to give some type of improvement possibilities. The guarantee could be longer allowing the user a greater opportunity to test drive although this is offset by the no contract method of payment. They could also provide some detail for error messages. But other than that, VyprVPN is a grand slam.

Oh yeah, forgot one very important thing: Unlimited download. That’s another big plus from any VPN vantage point. With VyprVPN, you can download safely, securely and to your little heart’s content.  Try out the service FREE for 3 full days to see for yourself…

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*** China Users ONLY ***

If you’re having trouble accessing their main site, here are two Golden Frog mirror sites to sign up for VPN service. We’re having reports that the .CH mirror site is partially blocked.  If that is your situation, try the .BIZ mirror site.


  1. Richard says:

    I work for a school and use computer at school when I go to ur site it is blocked. Am I secure if software is downloaded on my lap top and I am on their isp

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Yes, the VPN software is meant for use to protect you whenever you access public Wifi or unknown networks. The software effectively “tunnels” all your traffic by encrypting it before it is sent out. Therefore, whatever ISP you log on to will not know what sites you access and what you are doing on them.

  2. Aron says:

    I’m traveling through China with an Android tablet & 2 iPhones between my wife and I. Can I download your app on the fly (without a laptop, etc) for all devices and only pay the $10/mo fee? I’m IT challenged. Thanks

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Thanks for your question. Yes, you can download the free app for Android and iPhone from Google Play and Apple App Store respectively. As you plan to use the service in China, I’d recommend going with either the Pro or Premier plan because it offers the Chameleon connection which is Golden Frog’s proprietary 256-bit SSL protocol masking. This basically means that your connection cannot be identified as one coming from a VPN service and therefore blocked, while allowing you to enjoy the speed and security that VyprVPN offers. You’ll also be able to enjoy multiple connections across different devices (2 simultaneous connections in Pro and 3 simultaneous connections in Premier plan).

      • Maud says:

        Hi, I am Maud. I’ve just downloaded the App, but there is no way on the app to sign up. In the App you already need to have your user login details.
        How can I sign up from IOS device for the premier plan?

        • Steve Sanders says:

          Maud, when you click on the link above, it’ll take you to the page where you can sign up for the plan that you want.

  3. Michael O'Brien says:

    Hi. I have 3 phones 2 tablets a laptop and PC can I use it on all 7 at different times (2 simultaneously) on Pro option. Hope you understand what I mean. Thanking you

    • Steve Sanders says:

      The Pro option gives you only 2 simultaneous connections on any 2 devices. If you have more than 2 devices to install the software or app on, go ahead and install it on all of them for easy connection anytime. For more than 2 simultaneous connections though, you’ll have to go with the Premier plan which gives you 3 simultaneous connections. It also offers the Chameleon VPN connection for a greater level of privacy.

  4. James says:

    Do these plans allow the multiple clients to communicate with each other on a subnet?

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Since the pro and premier plans allow simultaneous connections, you’ll be able to connect and communicate on a subnet. If there are any technical issues while connected, do contact their support and they’ll look into it.

  5. Raymond Lam says:

    I spend a lot of time working in China. The internet connection is notoriously bad. It often takes ages to download pages from websites outside China. This has almost double the time I spend working. How can your system help? We have a team of 6 staff at our China office. Can they all use your system with one subscribtion? thank you Raymond

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Raymond, unfortunately no VPN service in the world can speed up/boost your current connection beyond what is already there. The only exception is where your ISP may be throttling your Internet connection. If throttling is occurring, you can bypass this with their Chameleon feature only available with the PREMIER plan. If you’re experiencing a slow ISP service, however, the best thing to do first is to change ISP or upgrade to a better plan for faster Internet access. As for having your staff share a connection, this is fine but do note that the PRO plan only allows up to 2 simultaneous VPN connections while the PREMIER plan allows 3 simultaneous VPN connections. Thus for a team of 6, you’ll need two PREMIER accounts for them to share. The PREMIER plan is what you’ll want anyways since you operate out of China. You’ll have to overcome the “Great FireWall” with their Chameleon feature. This is important for defeating VPN blocking by IP and ISP throttling worldwide.

  6. Joe says:

    Could you explain the difference between 2 simultaneous connections vs. 3? What that means exactly and how this improves security? Thank you.

    • Steve Sanders says:

      The number of simultaneous connections simply allow a subscriber of the VPN service to use one account as a login to their account on 2 or 3 devices at a time and run the VPN on those devices simultaneously. If a user needs to run their VPN service on a PC while using it on their iPad simultaneously and at the same time sharing the use of the same VPN account with another computer device logging in outside by a family member, he would need 3 simultaneous connections. VPN improves the security and anonymity of the user on the Internet by masking their real IP and replacing it with the VPN service IP. It also channels and encrypts all Internet activity through their VPN tunnel that effectively blocks prying eyes from seeing what you are seeing on your device.

  7. Hi, if you could configure your headend router to use the vpn then presumably all clients traffic attached to it would be encrypted or would this constitute abuse of the service?

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Iain, configuring the head end router to encrypt data wouldn’t be abuse of the service as far as Vyprvpn is concerned. In fact, you can flash your router if it has the latest OpenVPN-capable build of DD-WRT to stay protected with your devices at home, See http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database for more information on whether your router is on that list.

  8. Sherry Shea says:

    Vyprvpn is actually a good VPN choice. I can surf without hassle with this. My IP address is protected from other suspicious activities.It is also compatible to any kind of device be it PC or mobile. I actually installed one on my tablet.

  9. Iam new customer, I have put in my username as my email and then my password but will not let me access account, please help


    • Steve Sanders says:

      Andy, your username should be the email you used to sign up with. If you’re still having trouble, please contact their 24/7 support and they’ll be able to help you.

  10. arvie says:

    Hi there,

    Do u think the vyprvpn will keep the logs of my internet activity?

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Their privacy policy states that they do not log any user’s traffic and perform no deep/shallow packet inspection of traffic. The only info they collect is the IP you’re connecting from, which connection IP you selected, time logged in, and bytes used. The collection of this basic information is important to maintaining the standard of the service and is NOT for tracking a user’s personal activity. Given that it is a company registered in Switzerland and they fully-own their servers, it is reasonably safe to use.

  11. Ramesh says:

    I have 1 Mac pro, 2 iphone , 3 ipad ,1ipod, 1 laptop sony ,
    What plan I have to go ( how much it will cost )

    • Steve Sanders says:

      I’d suggest signing up for the Premier plan if you intend to use the service for up to 3 simultaneous connections. If more is needed, you’ll need to sign up for a combination of two plans. I’d say the Premier plan offers more value overall even if you only use 2 or more connections every now and then. You’ll not only get more simultaneous connections, but also greater storage in their Dump Truck service, Chameleon (their ultra stealthy VPN connection), and NAT firewall.

  12. VyperVPN says:

    They seem pretty good. Reviews from Europe show stable connections.

  13. Steve Sanders says:

    Golden Frog just updated us regarding the situation with China’s Great Firewall. VyprVPN IPs were blocked around January 23rd but they managed to overcome the block within 48 hours. They have since managed to open up South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore servers in addition to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Users are advised to use these servers while they open up the rest of the servers. If there are any issues during this time, it is recommended that you contact them via email to get support. Since this country presents a unique challenge as one who aggressively blocks Internet access, do note that it is highly recommended for those residing in countries where governments take an aggressive stance on VPN use to be sure to sign up for the service that includes the Chameleon tech. While it is slightly more, it considerably lessens the possibility of deep packet inspection.

    • Sky says:

      Steve, I am in Beijing right now. I am unable to load “http://www.goldenfrog.com/” at 3:10 AM Beijing time for signing up for the service.

      • Steve Sanders says:

        Can understand your predicament. It is difficult to sign up with VPNs usually once in China. Typically, it is recommended to sign up before travel. Give me a day if possible… I’ll get in touch with them to see what can be done and post a solution here.

      • Steve Sanders says:

        I checked with Golden Frog. There is no problem with China users accessing the site over the weekend and even now. If you are still experiencing problems, however, you can head on over to Golden Frog VyprVPN in China to access their mirror site.

  14. Barbara says:

    Hi, I live in Mexico and when I want to go to a website owned by a company that is located in both the US and somewhere in Latin America, the site automatically defaults to the Spanish website even though I put in the US web address. It’s very frustrating! Will VPN service stop this? (Please tell me yes)

    • Steve Sanders says:

      It is likely the website is designed to detect the user based on IP address and because of this, you’re seeing the Spanish version. A VPN service will help you circumvent this if there is no way to force the English version to appear by selecting an option. Just be sure to select a US or Canada IP with Vypr.

  15. Sky says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the article. I’ve landed in Beijing yesterday and I can’t access Gmail via PureVPN. Since I was told that PureVPN would allow me to access my business and personal Gmail accounts in China, I had signed up for it while in the US last week.

    I’d appreciate your comment on whether VyprVPN could allow me to access Gmail as of today (May 2nd 2015). Thanks.

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Sky, Vypr will allow you to access gmail and any other site you wish. The service has been unblocked several months ago and service was restored quickly to users in China. It would be best to go with the Chameleon service because deep packet inspection could lead to future blocking of your connection.

  16. Adrienne says:

    Hi, I am in vacation in France with hotel wifi access via a hotspot, I want to watch ABC iview (Australia TV) but am unable to as I am out of the country. Will your service allow me to do This??

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Certainly, Adrienne. Just select the Australia servers to start viewing. Enjoy!

  17. Sabrina Benioudren says:

    Hello, my account has been blocked.
    How can I do to unlock it, and continue using it ?
    Thank you;

    • Steve Sanders says:

      First, you must be certain you did not break their terms of service. These TOS’s are there to protect users from abusing the service, thereby hurting the rest of their paid customers. If you are sure you have not, you should contact Golden Frog support to get it unblocked.

  18. Liam Taylor says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just want to let people know that you CAN download VYPRVPN from one of their mirror sites .cn and .biz, whilst IN china, as i did successfully without a VPN. The GFOC will attempt to block the download halfway through when the download starts and will usally block most of the pages on the website. Sometime the website loads, sometimes it doesnt but eventually you can download it (so hope is not lost) Took me 6 attempts over a day to download it but was successful at 5am this morning. Try from goldenfrog.biz or Goldenfrog.cn and this should be fine whilst IN CHINA.

    ( I also want to mention that the standard plan does NOT work in china at all, the chameleon feature is perfect for creating a secure internet connection and i strongly reccomend the extra dollar for the faster more efficient service whilst living in China)

    On a different note, how can i use this VPN to connect to GAME servers in league of legends? I want to play UK server based games with my friends in the UK but the GFOC blocks me from accessing them. Do i have to set the server to the United Kingdom to recieve the level of freedom that the UK would have?

    Thanks in advance:)

    • Steve Sanders says:

      Thanks Liam for your input on accessing Vypr whilst in China. I would set the server to UK since it is UK based.

  19. I’m visiting Grenada and want to view programs on Amazon prime that are restricted for this area so I downloaded the Vypervpn trial version on my iPad and logged into a server in New York. I can confirm the VPN connection shown right next to my wifi signal. However this has no impact on Amazon primes limit to access. I can’t imagine that this tv show is restricted viewing in New York. Could I be missing something?

    • Steve Sanders says:

      I tried it while outside the US (Asia) where Amazon video is not accessible and was able to view the videos just fine. I even tried the New York connections and there was no problem. Connections are fast. Perhaps it could be a browser cookie that was set before you connected to Vypr. Try clearing cache and cookies and reload your browser. I would contact support to find out what could be causing this issue if you’re still not able to view the content.

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